Will Solar Panels Affect My Insurance

Solar Panels! What you need to know about this electrical option!

Wanting to increase our green awareness is a great goal for 2020! We are sure you’ve heard about how solar panels can help the environment and offer great savings on your electric bill. We had lots of clients this past year call in to let us know that they’ve had them installed. But is this the best choice for you and how do you go about making this decision wisely?

We’ve had clients inform us that they need to purchase an umbrella policy as a requirement for getting the solar panels. An umbrella policy is required if you have installed panels with a wattage over 10,000kw. The concern arises due to being directly plugged into the existing power grid.

Another client came to us with a difficult situation. In order to replace their roof, they needed to uninstall the solar panels, replace the roof and put back on the solar panels. Well, the company who originally installed them was no longer doing business in the state! So please pick a company with a long standing, great reputation!

This brings us to one important point. If you are considering solar panels, consider putting on a new roof first. Insurance requirements are specific on years left of roof life. You don’t want to have the panels installed, just to have to uninstall and reinstall a few years later. This is a cost you don’t want to be surprised with!

If solar panels are not in your immediate future, there are so many things we can do to be aware of the environment, like recycling and picking up litter. Employ these good habits today for a better earth tomorrow!

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