Helping the SPCA of Tampa Bay

Our agent, Scott, recently took a trip to the SPCA of Tampa Bay. He would like to share some of the enlightening information about this wonderful non-profit “For-All Animal Shelter”.
The SPCA of Tampa bay is the only non-profit animal welfare agency that runs a “for-all Animal Shelter” in Pinellas County. What does this mean exactly? It means you’ll find more than just dogs and cats, but some of your more exotic animals as well. They are a local animal shelter that is self-funded and they are NOT affiliated with the ASPCA or humane society!
Scott was surprised to find out they had a chinchilla and a pig available for adoption. Currently they are rehabilitating some iguanas in a habitat they recently built. They’re not for adoption at this time.   The animals under their care receive immunizations, medical care, behavior training enrichment and loving care while housed at the shelter. The shelter even has their cats sheltered in a co-habitat environment where they get to be more social, since studies show that this is better for the overall rehabilitation of our feline friends.
One of the memorable things that the staff mentioned is, “We always need gently used towels, pillowcases, and non-fitted bed sheets. Animals don’t care about stains and holes!” Because we love animals, we at Weisner Insurance Network will be hosting a linens drop-off for the SPCA of Tampa Bay!
Come join us at our local office and drop off all your old linens. The only requirement is they must be able to be washed with hot water. Come and help serve our community and also feel free to ask us about any insurance needs or questions you have. Even if you have been told that your precious Pitbulls or German Shepherds are on the “naughty” dog list, we have home insurance options for you!
Please drop off your gently used towels, pillowcases, and non-fitted bed sheets anytime during the month of February.
550 East Bay Dr.Largo, FL 33770 M-F 9:00 – 5:00

Scott attending a networking event at SPCA of Tampa Bay
Cat Co-Habitat

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