Should I purchase insurance online?

Auto Insurance 101
Is purchasing car insurance so easy a caveman could do it? I know you’ve seen these types of commercials and wondered, “Should I purchase my auto insurance online”? These commercials allow you to feel confident that you are purchasing what is required by law. But auto insurance is not a one size fits all coverage. Instead of worrying if you purchased enough coverage, you can call your local insurance agent to go over your personal scenario to make sure you are getting the right coverage to meet your needs.
These are some things to consider in purchasing auto insurance. Will there be enough coverage if you become paralyzed in an accident? Is it possible to get your license suspended if you carry the state minimum requirements for Florida? Do you have enough rental car coverage to put you in a comparable vehicle to what you own? Do you use your vehicle for work or Uber? What happens if you get hit by someone that has no insurance? Is the car insurance you purchased when you were 18 still meet your new lifestyle 20 years later?
All of our agents at Weisner Insurance Network are trained in saving you money while still offering different coverage you should consider. And after going over your options, you might even decide to pay a little extra for better coverage. With recent Florida statistics stating that 1 in 3 drivers have no insurance, you do not want to be left holding the bill. You do get what you pay for, so why not get an agent concerned for your best interests!

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