RV <span>Insurance</span>

Protect your home away from home!


Get insurance designed for RVs

Whether on a coast-to-coast road trip or a weekend getaway, start with the basics every RVer needs-

Liability, Comprehensive and Collision, which includes Pet Injury, Emergency Vacation Expense, Vacation Liability and more.  Right away, you get benefits that are simply unavailable on a standard car insurance policy.
  • Roadside Assistance.  Insurance company will have your vehicle towed to the closest qualified shop, all with no out-of-pocket cost to you.
  • Emergency Expense Coverage.  Insurance will pay for temporary living facilities, transportation, and cost of returning the RV in event of a covered loss more than 50 miles from home.
  • Windshield Coverage with no deductible.
  • Total Loss Replacement.  Get a brand new RV of similar make and quality if your current RV is a total loss and un-repairable.
  • Get the full value (not depreciated) if you need to replace damaged components -including awnings and tires- covered by Comprehensive and Collision.
  • Personal Effects.  Insurance company will pay the full cost of personal items that get damaged in and around, or are stolen from, your RV.
  • Disappearing Deductible.  Earn lower deductibles for each claim-free policy period.
  • Full Timer’s coverage.  Get protection similar to a homeowners policy if you live in your RV “full time.”
Peace of mind wherever you go

It’s more than a “home away from home.”  It’s the freedom to venture out and explore.  We have the right combination of insurance, experience, and expert service that you need to feel safe when you’re out there having fun.  Explore with Confidence.