Boat <span>Insurance</span>
The gulf coast of Florida is a beautiful place to boat. Whether you meander through the mangroves or jet out to the wild blue sea, we have the best coverage for your boating needs. We can offer coverage up to 125 nautical miles out to sea if your taste runs to deep sea fishing!  We can also provide coverage for fishing equipment; just ask about our great rates!

We offer multiple carriers with specialized coverage for all of your toys!  We have specific coverage for Motorcycle, Boat, and RV’s.  If you’re lucky to have more than one we can even get a bundle discount, or bundle it with your Home Insurance, or your Auto Insurance.

Some Specific Coverage to Boat Insurance can include:

Coverage for the lower units/outdrives of outboard and sterndrive motors in the event of a mechanical breakdown.

On-Water Towing, with no clubs to join or membership fees.

Fishing Equipment Coverage- Full cost for tackle, rods and reels damaged on, or stolen from, your boat.

Wreckage Removal.  Pays recovery costs if you’re responsible for the removal of a covered watercraft.

These coverage options are on top of the typical liability protection which would protect your assets should someone be injured or someone else’s property be damaged.

Not to mention the Physical Damage to protect your watercraft, which is a sizeable investment!

Time spent worrying about your boat and thinking about your insurance is time spent from enjoying the water.  Contact us today to get a policy tailored to you and your family’s needs to get peace of mind while on the water!