Do I live in a Flood zone?  YES!

Don’t get washed away in a Flood
In today’s economy when consumers weigh the value of every purchase, property owners need to recognize the financial security that a flood insurance policy provides. Without flood insurance, property owners rely only on their personal resources to cover the financial uncertainty of a flood claim and suffer through the long term effects of the cost of the flood repairs. Only for “federally declared” flood disasters will a potential disaster assistance loan be available, however, not with great certainty.
Building coverage can be purchased with the National Flood Insurance Program up to $250,000 and contents up to $100,000. Even if you live in a low or moderate-risk area, I strongly urge you to consider these facts:

*Floods are the most common of all natural disasters.
*Your home insurance DOES NOT automatically cover flood damage.
*6” of moving water will knock you down; 12” will float a vehicle
*Nearly 20% of all flood claims come from areas that are not special flood hazard areas.
*Less than 50% of all flood disasters qualify for federal assistance.
This is a loan, repayable with interest.

I can share more information tailored specifically for your needs, answer any questions you may have. We can also look at your existing home insurance policy to see if a lower cost option to add private flood insurance is an option!